Trip Planning

All frugal travelers know that the best things in life are free. Tourists watching their budget take pleasure in the simple things and take time to smell the roses and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. With that in mind, we thought we’d clue prospective jetsetters in on the best sunsets around the […]

As the weather begins to warm the prospect of sitting inside stuffy lecture theaters starts to sound even less appealing than usual. If the college grind is getting to you, a gap year might be just what the doctor ordered. In this article we look at the best, and most affordable, destinations for college students […]

Flights are often the most expensive element of any vacation, so it’s not surprising that travelers want to get the best deals. So where do we find them? Simply searching the internet for cheap flights will only bring you the sites that have paid for top search engine privileges. Rather than just hitting up Google, […]

Dublin has so many attractions that you’ll never be bored. However many of them come with hefty admission fees and hidden extras. There’s no need to spend a fortune in the Irish capital though. This article offers plenty of ways to pass the time that won’t cost you a cent! Every town has a City […]

We’ve waxed lyrical about the fabulous Smartphone apps that make traveling much simpler, but don’t forget about your high tech cell phone’s other features. Your brand new iPhone or Android phone has many other practical perks that make it the perfect traveling companion. When you travel with a Smartphone you’ve always got a digital camera […]

If you’re a thrill seeker or a parent, major theme parks are a must for your vacation itinerary. Whether you’re visiting one of the world’s iconic Disneylands or the famous theme parks on Australia’s Gold Coast, these places guarantee days of fun for the whole family. However these tourist attractions can drain your finances faster […]

Are you a budget traveler? If you’re reading this blog, then chances are the answer’s yes. But if you’re still unsure, this article should confirm your suspicions. Do you shun the capital cities for more affordable locations? Budget travelers know that when you journey off the beaten track, you save some serious coin. They’re not […]

Accommodation and transport can drain the finances of anyone vacationing in Europe. So why not combine the two? Catching some zees on a night train is a great way to consolidate your expenses. It’s got all the advantages of traditional train travel, with accommodation to boot! Europe’s night trains travel long distances, alighting in the […]

Most of us spend time shopping around for cheap accommodation and cut-price airfares, but only the most frugal travelers think about hunting for the best car rental deals. There’s a misconception that all hire car companies are created equally, but by following our tips you can save plenty on your vacation transport. The first rule […]

When traveling abroad there are the obvious expenses that add up. Your accommodation, eating out, and sightseeing will all drain your finances, but they’re easy to budget for. Much more insidious are the sneaky fees that will sap your savings. In this article we help you outsmart the banks and avoid hefty ATM charges. Many […]