You may or may not have heard this term. Hotwire coined it, and it refers to travel during the fall: the time after Labor Day but before the New Year. Right now, although travel is classically at a low, there are some great travel deals to be had during the Shoulder Season. Take this great […]

Sure a vacation to Mexico is all about sun, sand, and beaches, but before you go check out our free online destination guide to Mexico. We hope you’ve taken our blog advice and are scanning the Internet for flight deals to Mexico. Because travel lulls during the fall (the slowest season of the year) you […]

Although consumers continue to keep an eye out for rising travel prices, they just continue to stay enjoyably low even as we approach Labor Day. And although the follow airfares won’t help you out much for the upcoming long weekend, feast your eyes on amazing airfares to Latin American destinations like Mexico and South America […]

You may have heard us sound off regarding the fact that a large portion of travelers look for deals without having any idea of where they’d like to go, first. So in order to help you out, we’re featuring a couple of great travel ideas for the summer (kid friendly of course) that won’t break […]

This summer, take advantage of cheap airfares and book a flight to Mexico. Since the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the tourism industry has taken a serious hit. Travel has lulled and with the economy decidedly slow, now is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap airfares and excellent travel deals. Mexico is […]

Take a look at what we found as this week’s top travel deals. Perfect for a summer or fall family vacation. Check it out! Mexico and the Caribbean If you’ve been reading our blog lately then you know about the amazing travel deals you can score in Mexico. Cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap cruises! […]

Last month the Center for Disease Control removed travel restrictions from Mexico, giving travelers the green light for sunny skies, beaches and margaritas. However, the recent swine flu scare is keeping travelers at an unhealthy distance, causing the tourism industry in Mexico to falter. The result? Cheap prices on travel to Mexico. Although travel to […]

What better way to highlight some of our favorite travel destinations and travel jobs than showing first hand the type of travel information available on FrugalMonkey. Check it out! Where to Go If you’re looking for a great family, personal or romantic vacation, take a look at some of our country profiles. Our profiles include […]

You’re probably pretty up to speed with our FrugalMonkey Destination Profiles. We show you where to go, why to go and point out great travel deals to get there. This week we’re showing you how to enjoy the perfect summer vacation with a trip to Acapulco, Mexico! Mexico is not only the perfect romantic getaway, […]

Mexico is a favorite travel location for North Americans because it offers a tropical paradise just a flight or two away. It is also close enough for travelers to enjoy small or week long vacations as opposed to longer vacations that require a great deal of time off work or school. But with summer here […]