Patagonia, Argentina

In Argentina’s south, lies the gorgeous and infamous Patagonia. Known for its exquisite beauty and breathtaking adventures, Patagonia is a must see to those visiting Argentina.

The Patagonian region of South America also includes Chile, although most of it resides within Argentina. Patagonia was first named such by Magellan, referring to the Tehuelche people’s large moccasins, which made their feet appear huge. Patagonia is also the final resting place of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and Charles Darwin’s account of the native wildlife in Patagonia is still considered relevant, as an indication of how authentically wild Patagonia remains 170 years later.

People travel to Patagonia to see what is only referenced in adventure tales and travel books. In Puerto Madryn, travelers accumulate to see the whale migrations from July to December on chartered boats, catching glimpses of penguin colonies littered amongst the shores. Travelers flock to El Chalten to experience unforgettable hiking and camping in the Fizt Roy mountain range where the scenery is boasted as the best in the world. The village here is small, but fast growing and the population booms in El Chalten during the summer months. El Calafate marks the mid way point from the hiking in El Chalten to Torres del Paine (located in Chile), where travelers gather to share stories and pictures of their Patagonian adventures.

Only 80 kilometers away is El Calafate’s own claim to fame where the Perito Moreno Glacier resides in Glacier National Park where absolutely no one travels to Patagonia and misses.

Because of Patagonia’s size, it can be a trip all in its own. Traveling around this stunning region of Argentina is raved as some of the best traveling in the world, albeit a bit rustic. The summer months are the most popular for travel in Patagonia, because of the temperate weather and in Puerto Madryn and other more northern locations it can become quite warm. However, the weather should always be taken into account, especially in the early summer when the weather is still very cool and while the sunsets linger late in the day, the nights can become very cold.

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