Trip Planning

We all hope that our next vacation will be a blissful experience, chock full of precious memories and moments. But if something does go wrong, you’ll be glad you had travel insurance. This expense is a necessary evil that could save you thousands in medical bills, lost luggage, and more. Frugal travelers look to cut […]

Gone are the days when paying the hotel tariff entitled us to enjoy all the perks our accommodation offered. Today our rooms are full of traps which can drain the pockets of the uninitiated. Here’s our guide to avoiding those pesky accommodation fees. Look out for parking. The days of complementary hotel parking are all […]

Here at Frugal Money, we don’t believe you need to go into debt for that next big vacation. Instead we celebrate vacationing smarter to ensure your dollar goes further. By following our friendly advice before you leave, and while you’re away, you can enjoy a great getaway for less than you might imagine. Before You […]

With families around the world still smarting from the global financial crisis, the rise of group deals websites has allowed frugal shoppers to still enjoy a few luxuries. Sites like LivingSocial, GroupOn, and Dealster harness the power of collective buying, offering massive savings to consumers and increased sales to businesses. This world of cheap, cheap […]

As more people around the world embrace smart phones and their technology, we’re learning that apps offer more than time-wasting games and novelty programs. These handy cell phone applications can help you get the most from your vacation without connecting to the internet. And best of all, many of them are free to download! Following […]

Taking that fishing trip to Alaska or tour of the Greek Islands sound like wonderful ways to spend a few weeks, but if your wallet is bare you may need to curb your aspirations. If you’re desperate for a holiday but you don’t have the finances to fund it, a staycation may be the solution. […]

As the world continues to recover from the global financial crisis, backpacking is enjoying a resurgence. This frugal vacation style isn’t just for poor students and hippies any more. It’s actually a great way for anyone to save cash while seeing the world. If you’ve ever thought about hostel hopping in Australia, backpacking in New […]

When most people think about spending a night under the stars, enjoying the great outdoors, they imagine bunkering down in a campground or RV park. But there’s an even cheaper option for the more adventurous traveler, and it doesn’t cost a cent. Welcome to the world of bench blazing. Bench blazers take the freedom of […]

With a big wide world full of glamorous destinations, it’s very easy for our travel ambitions to become much bigger than our bank balance. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to see what the globe has to offer. By following our simple advice, you can take a vacation for next to nothing. The […]

No continent screams luxury travel like Europe does. While it’s certainly possible to spend a small fortune on a lavish European getaway, frugal travelers needn’t abandon their dreams of a historical tour of Athens or a lazy beach holiday on the French Riviera. With a few clever choices and our insider advice you can have […]