Argentina Transportation


Argentina’s International airport is Ezeiza, (airport code: EZE) which houses all the major airlines in North America and Europe.

Buenos Aires’s local airport is Aeroparque, located in Palermo. Flying Aerolineas Argentina or LAN will connect you to any other airports located in Argentina’s major cities.


The bus system in Argentina is a very popular mode of travel and for backpackers it is cheap and efficient. All of Argentina’s major travel locations have a bus terminal where, if you’re traveling from afar, you can book a place on the many luxurious sleeping buses (cama or semi-cama). These luxurious sleeping buses are a great way to cover overnight travels and they usually serve food and play movies.

Within the city, bus is a popular way to get around. If you’re in Buenos Aires, you won’t get far without the Guea ‘T’, an organizational map of the cities bus routes. Buses within the city cost 0.80 and are a cheap and easy way to maneuver the busy streets.


Because of Argentina’s affordability, taking a cab is a great way to go. Despite the rumors that cabbies will take foreigners for extra-long and expensive cab rides, most are very honest. The best way to ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of is to have a good idea where you are heading or to mention nearby streets to show you know the area.

From the airport, hailing a cab into the city is easy. It is a good idea, and also very common to agree on a price before leaving.


A Remise is a pre-arranged taxi. Taking a remise is a great way to ensure you’re paying the right price and is even better if you’re trying to time your trip specifically. They are most commonly used for longer drives and are cheaper than cabs. The time of pick-up and the cost are pre-arranged. Remise companies are listed online or in the phone book.

Car Rental

Renting a car in Argentina is popular among travelers. You need to be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver’s license. Many companies will also ask to see your passport. Cost varies.


Buenos Aires has an extensive subway system and it is perhaps the most popular way to navigate the city. A trip each way is 0.70 and maps are located within the subways and at every subway street entrance.

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