Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is located in the center of Argentina and is hailed as another one of Argentina’s key cities. Labeled ‘The Cultural Capital of the Americas,’ Cordoba lives up to this designation by filling its streets with cathedrals, museums, galleries, six universities, theatres, street fairs, festivals, cinemas and a sea of bars and restaurants.

Music and literature are corner stones of cultural awareness in Cordoba and it is known for its cuarteto, a style of singing that is common at parties, bars and in street corner performances.

Aesthetically, Cordoba is more than gorgeous. Its architecture is colonial in design and its wide streets and cobble-stoned walkways add to the charm and laid back nature of this city. Many of its monuments are a result of the colonial era and one its most popular is the Jesuit Cathedral located in the center of the city near Plaza San Martin square.

Home to over a million people, Cordoba is nestled in the foothills of he Sierras Chicas mountains as well as along the banks of the Suquia River. Because of its access to the water and mountains, Cordoba has any number of activities for the adventure seeker. This includes horseback riding, kayaking and rafting, rock climbing, hiking, camping and even skydiving. With six universities, there are plenty of youngsters running around looking for fun. The nightlife in Cordoba is electrifying and if you didn’t exhaust yourself from daily activities, you can enjoy the many discos and boliches. For a quieter night on the town, Cordoba is littered with many choices for fine dining as well bars for sophisticated drinks and conversation.

Traveling to Cordoba

Cordoba has its own airport and you can fly from Buenos Aires using Aerolineas Argentinas or LAN.

Many buses are available to Cordoba from varying locations in Argentina and the bus terminals offer trips that don’t require reservations very far in advance.

Staying in Cordoba

Because of Cordoba’s size and popularity there are several hotels and hostels in Cordoba. Finding a nice four-star hotel or staying in a more modest accommodation, Cordoba has much to offer and you won’t have to look hard to find the right stay.

Tango hostel (Facebook fan page) is the most popular among young travelers and offers resources for many of Cordoba’s outdoor activities.

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