Travel Advice

Crowds are the enemy of any frugal traveler. They only slow you down, forcing you to spend time in queues and being jostled about rather than enjoying the sites you’ve paid good money to see. Many of us think they’re part of seeing any major tourist attraction, but we’ve got a few sneaky secrets for […]

According to the Visa and Pacific Asia Travel Association, tourists typically spend around a third of their travel budget on accommodation. But what if we told you that you don’t need to spend a cent on a bed? And no, we’re not suggesting you rough it on a park bench! Free quality accommodation sounds like […]

The marketplace is flooded with gadgets claiming to enhance your travel. Many of them are expensive, and most fail to deliver on their promises. Read on to discover five clever travel gadgets that cost less than $50. Satisfy Your Hunger with the RoadPro 12-Volt Sandwich Maker It seems our tummies only rumble when the next […]

Few things can slow you down on an overseas vacation like jetlag. A nasty case of fatigue can see you bedridden and wasting your valuable time abroad. Here are a few handy tips that will help you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed throughout your international adventures. Your battle against jet lag begins before you […]

There’s nothing worse than getting sick while you’re on vacation. Instead of seeing the sights, you’ll likely spend time staring at the four walls of your hotel. And it’s difficult to enjoy the local delicacies when you can barely keep a bite down. That unfortunate illness can also eat a sizable hole in your finances, […]

Couchsurfing is a great way to see the world without spending a lot of money. But as with many new traveling trends, the etiquette and expectations can be confusing. In this article we offer our advice for being the kind of couchsurfer that will be welcomed into any home. In case you weren’t up to […]

While tipping is an expected practice in North America, it’s less common in other parts of the world. Learning when to tip, and how much, can save you money when you’re dining abroad. We’ve already looked at tipping practices in Asia, so now we turn our focus to Europe. Europe doesn’t face the same etiquette […]

Most of us have car pooled to the office, or hitched a ride with friends after a big night out. However when we vacation, most of us tend to travel solo or with our nearest and dearest. But why not embrace carpooling practices when you’re abroad? Ride sharing is a great way to cut costs, […]

Accommodation is one of the largest expenses for any vacation, so it’s important that you consider yours seriously. We all want to save money on our room, but basing your decision solely on price can lead to a miserable vacation. In this article we examine a range of affordable accommodation options to help you find […]

A honeymoon is the perfect way to unwind after the stress of planning a wedding. But after sinking so much money into the big day, who has the budget to go large? The good news is that you don’t need to. With that special someone by your side and a great idea, even a budget […]