Greek Travel Destinations

In Greece there is no shortage of places to see and things to do. The Greek mainland caters to all mountain lovers and those who love hiking and winter sports, nature lovers, and families who wish to spend some time in the countryside, in a farm or a family-oriented hotel.

Horseback riding and bicycling are among the most popular sports in rural areas.

However, night life is also one of the main attractions of Greece, so the two capitals and many big cities offer a great variety of clubs and music halls to dance and have fun. Traditional bouzouki live music restaurants are almost everywhere, from the mainland to the smallest island. For those who are health aware, health spas and body building clubs are also popular nowadays, available in luxurious hotels, town centers or on health farms — spas.

The Greek islands, such as Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos, offer visitors lovely beaches for sports like beach volleyball, water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, and a great number of games for all the family. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and canoeing are only some of the activities available on the islands and seaside resorts on the mainland.

For eco-sensitive visitors, a trip to the north will satisfy them. The lakes, the rivers and the natural habitat around them are unforgettable trips.

The Greek monuments are very popular, so an interesting activity is sightseeing. Every place has got its own history and sights so you need to get a local guide book to be properly informed.

Gambling in Greece is also a very popular activity, so it’s a good thing there are many casinos in the country. The most popular casinos include AthensMont Parnes Casino Resort, Corfu Casino Achilleon, Rhodes Casino Rhodos, Thessaloniki Regency Casino Thessaloniki and Xanthi Casino Xanthi.

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