Alaska Eco-Tours

Any place dubbed The Last Frontier has something to offer outdoorsmen and green travelers. Naturally, Alaska doesn’t disappoint.

Known for being one of the greatest wildernesses on earth, Alaska’s expanse of lush forests and the extraordinary wildlife that inhabit them is legendary. Snow tipped mountain peaks, wild rivers, extraordinary biodiversity, incredible wildlife, enormous national parks and forests, long coastlines and green valleys make Alaska an epicenter for green travelers who want to experience ecotourism. The traditional cultures that make up a part of the Alaskan population and the sensitivity towards those cultures in recent years also earns Alaska consideration as a top ecotourism destination.

The number of visitors into Alaska has sky rocketed in recent years. The number of cruise ships, vacationers, campers and tourists entering Alaska to experience adventuresome summers and snow-filled winters has been extremely advantageous to the tourism industry. However with any large increase in tourism, comes the risk of reckless visitors and the mismanagement of Alaska’s natural resources. Other problems plaguing Alaskan environments has been global warming. Its location so far north has made it susceptible to the numerous problems related to global warming. The fishing industry is an excellent example. The fishing industry in Alaska is a huge source of income for the Alaskan economy. With temperatures rising, fish populations migrate differently and are at risk of depleting due to the added stress of warmer waters. These changes not only affect the fishing industry but also indigenous cultures that rely on those populations for food each year. Numerous other environmental warming factors have put Alaska at risk, but the states incredible efforts in education on global warming and in combating those problems has made a marketable change. Still global warming remains a concern for the ecosystems in Alaska as does mass tourism.

Because of Alaska’s size there are literally thousands of tour operators and adventure guides. When traveling to Alaska take the time to research those tours that operate under ecotourism ideals. With no regulation as to which tour guides are using the term ecotourism correctly, it is up to responsible visitors and green travelers to do their part and travel responsibly.

The Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association (AWRTA) is an organization that represents more than 300 tourism businesses that promote ecotourism. As wilderness businesses continue to represent a huge source of income for Alaskans, it is important that they operate in order to preserve the environment. Conducting a search through AWRTA when you plan your next Alaskan vacation is a great way to be sure your travels are eco-friendly.

Eco-tours in Alaska

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Alaska Travel Guide
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The Boat Company
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Kayak Adventures Worldwide
Renewable Energy Project
Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Climbing Guide Service
US Forest Service

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