Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City is a destination that is rich with tradition and cultural history. It is the world’s most populous city.

It is the governmental, economic, and cultural center of the nation. At the heart of Mexico City are spectacular museums, amazing restaurants, archeological gems, beautiful parks, and much more. Although Mexico heavily promotes the coastal vacation destinations, Mexico City is still one of the most popular locations for visitors in Mexico.

The nation has a rich history and no other place offers more than Mexico City in terms of cultural attractions. The nightlife in Mexico City is also explosive. Driving in Mexico City is almost impossible, so taking the subway system, buses, or taxis is definitely the best way to efficiently get around the city. Although the city is huge, you can get a great view of it from the forty-fifth floor of the World Trade Center from the world class revolving restaurant Bellini.

Alameda Park is the oldest in the city, dating back to 1541. The Aztec market within the park is full of tradition where many executions and burnings occurred. The Zocalo and fine arts center is also located very close to Alameda Park. Bullfights can be seen in Plaza Mexico most Sunday afternoons. The bullfights in Mexico City are a tradition and the matadors are among the greatest in the world.

The authentic Mexican food throughout the city is delicious.

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