Palau Eco-Tours

Palau is an Island nation in the Pacific Ocean, commonly referred to as Micronesia. Known for being one of the best diving locations in the world, Palau also lays claim to an immense expanse of coral reefs, one of the largest upland forests in Micronesia, abundant marine life, extremely diverse native forests, healthy island vegetation and a large number of endangered fish species within its island waters.

The coral reef in Palau is so impressive in fact, that it has been dubbed one of the “7 Underwater Wonders of the World” housing fish populations that would otherwise be extinct. With such an enormous amount of biodiversity, including endangered habitats and animals, Palau is an intense focus for environmentalists in the Pacific Ocean.

Perhaps what Palau is most recently known for, is the location of the popular television show Survivor where it was filmed during its 10th season. Since the show, Palau has become a more popular tourist destination, putting the very thing that brings travelers to the island at risk. While for decades the remote access of the island had helped to preserve its rich biodiversity, the increase in tourism represents a problem for local cultures, governments and wildlife, as overdevelopment becomes a concern. However, Palau’s commitment to maintaining its island paradise makes it an incredible island for ecotourists to visit.

The Palau Conservation Society is one group that has kept the focus of Palau’s popularity on conservation instead of urbanization. The Palau Project has also helped to keep a sharp focus on ecotourism with environmental education in the hopes of preserving this tropical paradise. These groups have helped to promote Palau’s sustainable tourism efforts along with responsible travel for tourists in addition to managing conservation efforts and regions within the islands.

It is important for travelers to respect the conservation efforts in Palau. For example, 460 miles of the coral reef around Palau is a no fishing zone, protecting species that once faced extinction. While travelers who visit the islands can access the many palm-lined beaches and additionally have access to snorkeling and hiking it is critical that green travel ideals and ecotourism be upheld while visiting.

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