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Alaska Cruises

Alaska travel is booming. The state is a big and beautiful, harsh and welcoming, dark and light. It’s a land of great natural beauty and dramatic contrasts. Depending upon which parts of Alaska you visit, temperatures can soar to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and plummet to 80 or 90 degree below zero in winter. In the farthest Northern regions, where the Northern Lights put on a spectacular display, summer means three months of daylight, and winter means two months of nearly complete darkness.

Locals take pride in and visitors flock to the state’s 6,600+ miles of pristine coastline, 3,000 rivers and more than three million lakes. Mt. McKinley and The Iditarod are two of Alaska’s more famous tourist attractions, but there is so much more to see and do!

Alaska is truly and outdoors-lover’s paradise and it’s hard to turn around in Alaska without seeing water in some form, whether frozen or running. And where there’s water, there’s abundant wildlife: moose, salmon, bears and other beautiful beasts call Alaska home.

While most tourists choose to visit Alaska’s southern coast (it’s the easiest to get to and provides spectacular landscapes), there is more to Alaska than this beautiful region. The Southeast, South Central, Interior and Bush regions all have their own charm and draw.

Whether you plan to visit Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau or the Kenai Peninsula, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by gorgeous scenery and remarkable wildlife. Chances are you might not have heard of cities such as Homer or Seward, Alaska; did you know that Homer is the Halibut fishing capital of the world!

First populated about 40,000 years ago, Alaska’s modern-day residents are mostly non-native transplants from the United State’s West Coast.

Roughly a quarter of the population has arrived in the last five to seven years. Much of Alaska remains relatively unpopulated (by people at least!), which means that tourists have the opportunity to enjoy nature without troublesome crowds and tourists.

Take a few moments to explore the Land of the Midnight Sun. Whether you come for the bear viewing, the salmon fishing or simply to bask in the beautiful natural surroundings, Alaska is sure not to disappoint anyone who visits.

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