Acapulco, Mexico Travel

Situated around a deep picturesque bay, where the fishing is spectacular and the living is laid-back, Acapulco has evolved from a small Aztec port village into a magnificent Mexican Pacific tourist resort. There is simply no other southernmost destination in Mexico with such amazingly stunning scenery surrounded by the amount of sophisticated tourist amenities found in Acapulco.

Here the Sierra Madre Mountains merge seamlessly with the water, amid palm lined beaches and precariously steep cliffs. The sun drenched days are leisurely, seemingly inevitably leading into the world famous nightlife scene, which in Acapulco is often spontaneous and impulsive, yet always explosive.

Overlooking beautiful Acapulco Bay and the beach, Madieras provides what many locals consider the best restaurant view in all of Acapulco. The scenic candlelit ambience is breathtaking, making this upscale international cuisine a must see on the list of many.

Bellavista means “beautiful view” in Spanish. This is exactly what visitors get from this international favorite. The ambience is one of elegant sophistication. Live piano music makes the night come alive, and the entire Bay is your view. The sunsets are amazing, and the breakfast makes Bellavista one of the best early morning destinations for coffee with a view.

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