Mendoza Wine Tours

While some of Argentina’s other regions produce excellent wine, it is Mendoza, which is hailed as Argentina’s best and most renowned. Located in the Andes the climate is temperate, with warm dry summers and a fairly cool winter.

Whatever the mixture of land and air, Mendoza has given way to a wine industry that is gaining popularity in the world market, producing wine as the 5th largest distributor in the world.

Wine tasting and purchasing is the way most tourists enjoy Mendoza. Most of the bodegas (wineries) in Mendoza require no reservation to visit and are free or very cheap. There are a large number of ways to go about viewing the different bodegas but most people choose guided tours. Most of the tours have English-speaking guides and are the perfect way to explore the region and gain an education on wine. Like any thriving industry there are many choices in terms of how you organize your tour, and biking the 24km loop in the Maipu region, is just as common as personal guides from place to place.

Ampora Wine tours, Uncorking Argentina and Familia Zuccardi (a winery itself) are only a few of the many Tour Operators available. Many more can be found within the Mendoza wine country however many people choose to take on the task of finding the best wineries for themselves. The task can be daunting however, because of the regions size and the many wineries located within. Most people who want to see it all view the wineries by region, beginning in the north and moving south. Consulting a guide is often helpful, but Mendoza itself is full of all the information you need to enjoy your stay.

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