As sunny coastal vacations go, it’s hard to beat Australia. This popular island destination is anything but small time. Although most travelers visit a beach at some point during their vacation, cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, Australia are the epitome of big city fun.

Iconic images like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge amass tourists who cluster for photographs where afterward, shopping and fine dining usually follow. Several of Australia’s most popular vacation destinations for travelers however are those like the Australian Zoo, the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Outback. These fun and exciting elements are what truly make an Australian vacation an amazing one – that and the miles of sunny coastlines nearby. These popular stop offs, along with Australia’s smaller cities and friendly people, are what make a vacation to Australia enjoyable among travelers year in and year out. Join the thousands of people experiencing a vacation in Australia with FrugalMonkey’s Australian travel guide.

In this section learn about and gather information on any number of different Australian vacations.  You’ll find out how to enjoy the outdoors, where to go on a budget, the best city hotels to stay in and which cultural events you’re likely to see when visiting.

For a city vacation:

  • Learn about travel in and around Sydney, Australia
  • Make plans to see Melbourne
  • Find a hotel in Perth
  • Plan dinner in Hobart
  • Discover activities in Adelaide

Outdoors lovers will enjoy:

Our useful resources on Australian travel are here to help you plan the perfect Australian vacation.

Sources of travel information like our brief history on Australia or activities guide, making planning a vacation of any kind fun, easy and exciting.  With so much to do on Australia’s different coastlines and with so much to experience in each of its charming cities, it might be difficult to sift through the details of your ideal Australian vacation. That is why we provide city guides in addition to hotel and activities lists that are helpful for vacationers planning a trip.

Other travel details we provide information on are:

All of these resources and more will help guide you towards the perfect Australian vacation!

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