The island beaches and mountainous mainland geography of Greece combine to offer travelers one of the most stunning places in the world to visit visually.

Consistently ranking in the top 20 most popular places for tourists to explore, Greece is a favorite among travelers from all corners of the globe. It’s history, full of arts, music, language and mythology date back thousands of years and remain a focal point in educational systems throughout the world even today.

Its capitol city, Athens has been both the birthplace of the Olympic games but also home to the Olympics in recent years as well. The islands surrounding Greece add to the beauty and allure of this vacation-favorite by offering beached lined properties for sunning and boating, but also host a number of popular and intriguing historical and archeological sites for visitors to see.

In this section you will receive a great deal of helpful information regarding travel to Greece. You will enjoy learning about Grecian history, current day customs, Grecian culture as well as travel related information like how to navigate the islands. You will find travel information including hotels, restaurants and activities for:

Other sections in FrugalMonkey’s travel guide to Greece include information on the local wildlife you can expect to see while touring the islands and an entire section on Grecian geography, allowing you to map out what type of vacation you’re most likely to experience and where. Feta cheese, wine and excellent food are staples to any vacation in Greece as are the sunny days Grecian travelers enjoy for months throughout the year. Find out when to book your vacation for the best weather or prices.

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  • Rental car agencies for the Greece mainland and islands

Greece is a romantic place. Vacationers target the beautiful Greek Islands as well spots on the mainland steeped in ancient history. Here’s the inside scoop on most of the country’s top travel destinations.

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