Bad news for Napa but excellent news for travel buffs and wine connoisseurs, Australia’s wines are making an excellent impression among industry professionals. In a recent blind taste test, wines from Clare Valley, Eden Valley, Tasmania and Western Australia competed well against Rieslings and Chardonnays from Europe and North America. So much so that despite […]

Now is an excellent time to fly into Mexico and the Caribbean from the States. Right now through Travelocity you can find one-way tickets into Mexico and the Caribbean for as low as $99 each way. Most major airline carriers that access US cities such as NY, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Detroit, […]

Buenos Aires is known for its steak, wine, tango, gauchos, gorgeous architecture, mate´ and soccer fanaticism. It’s not surprising however, that there exists infinitely more items to add to this list as Buenos Aires becomes a hot spot on the international travel scene. Each year, more and more tourists pour into Buenos Aires to enjoy […]

Check out our country guides and travel advice made perfect for vacation planning. If you’re trying to visit Greece, go on a Mexican getaway, take a cruise to Alaska, plan a last minute second honeymoon to Australia or even a trip to South America, then check out FrugalMonkey’s country profiles. FrugalMonkey’s travel guides have up […]