Hotels on Corfu

You can find good hotels in Corfu town almost all the year round. Certainly there is not much choice as regards the number of the hotels available in winter, but still, there is accommodation available on most resorts of the island.

In the town, the best hotel with view to Garitsa Bay is Corfu Palace Hotel and you can e-mail for further information. This hotel is open in all seasons.

There are many hotels that are open all the year round in the town, such as Bella Venezia, which is in the center of Corfu just a few minutes away from the two squares and Garitsa Bay. This hotel used to be a high school for girls some decades ago, but the present owner transformed it into a hotel. A quiet old hotel that has been renovated recently is Cavalieri. This is located at the side of the upper square and the view from its veranda is fantastic. It has got a roof garden where you can have a drink at night while enjoying the view of Garitsa Bay.

For traditional style lovers, Siorra Vittoria is the perfect match. It is a Venetian mansion in the town center that has got magnificent views to the new castle of the town, mount Pantokrator, and the tiled roofs of the old part of the town.

A modern hotel near a popular Corfiot site is Ariti.

This hotel is located at Kanoni area, where there is one of the best sights of the island, Pondiconissi. Hellinis is also located at Kanoni.

If you wish to be near the airport, then stay at Dalia Hotel, which is small and comfortable. At the new Port, there is Atlantis Hotel with views to the port and within easy reach of the town. Out of town, you can stay at Telesilla Hotel which is at Gouvia, on the way to Dasia Beach. An alternative solution is to stay at an apartment, such as Rose Garden, located at Dasia area, 12 kilometers away from the town.

Corfu Cuisine

Corfiot cuisine offers local dishes such as ‘bourtheto’ and ‘pastitsada’ [For local recipes see] in many places, especially in small cozy taverns in the town. Most popular Corfiot tavernas can be found at the Corfiot site, which also caters to those who wish to buy or rent property on the island.

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