Vacationers of all kinds will enjoy a South American getaway to Argentina. Although Argentina lays claim to Buenos Aires, a city now dubbed the Paris of South America due to its architecture and cultural highlights, it is also home to some seriously impressive scenery.

Argentina not only has one of the longest coastlines in South America, lending itself to wonderful beach vacations, but also has gorgeous scenery in the jungles to the north and near the Patagonian glaciers to the south. Rich cultures, incredible adventure vacations, hoards of luxurious eateries and enough fine wine and steak to make your head spin, makes Argentina a destination vacation that is hard to pass up.

There are very few places where luxury vacationers and budget travelers will agree to spend their time, but Argentina is one of them. Find out what’s in store during a trip to this South American paradise as FrugalMonkey unveils a dream vacation of epic proportions.

In this section learn about great things to do in Argentina and more:

Because of its size, you can spend a great deal of time traveling and enjoying Argentina. Find out what to do if you plan on staying in Buenos Aires, or where to go if you have weeks to dedicate to a vacation. Although a popular summer vacation destination, Argentina is world famous for its South American ski resorts in Bariloche and Las Lenas.

Additionally, the weather is temperate near the world famous Iguazu Falls year round, and it doesn’t take amicable weather to enjoy a wine tour in Mendoza.

Each section in our profile on Argentina will expose yet another fun and exciting South American experience. There is truly something for everyone when it comes to travel in South America. Additionally, the favorable exchange rate in Argentina makes this vacation one of the most affordable places in the world to travel. Enjoy high end vacationing on a backpacker’s budget when you visit Argentina.

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