Belize Eco-Tours

Ecotourism in Belize earns a deserving nod not only because of the country’s effort in preserving the natural beauty and extraordinary landscape of Belize, but because its biodiversity offers green travelers ecotourism adventure at its best.

Belize lays claim to the incredible honor of the country with the largest percentage of landmass dedicated to its natural resources.

In 2001, over 42% of Belize was protected for conservation by the government. This statistic alone is enough to put Belize at the top of any ecotourism list. In addition, Belize is not only making a large effort to protect its wildlife, beaches and the famous Mesoamerican reef, but it also enthusiastically promotes water and energy conservation, cultural sensitivity and a way for green travelers to get involved through ecotourism volunteer efforts.

Most travelers who visit Belize make plans to spend time on its gorgeous beaches. This certainly includes diving and snorkeling in the world’s second largest and the western hemisphere’s largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican reef. With over 26 miles of coral reef and marine wildlife, Belize’s main tourist attraction means diving in an underwater paradise. Visitors can swim with sharks and experience ecotourism adventure of an underwater sort that is unparalleled. However, due to such staggering popularity and the easy access to the Mesoamerican reef, it is in danger of being destroyed. Even now, parts of the reef have deteriorated due to over tourism. Maintaining the reef is of utmost importance not only for the future of tourism in Belize but for the many protected regions of the reef that house endangered Grouper and snapper populations that spawn there, year after year. In response to the preservation needs of the reef, organizations like Friends of Nature are working hard to support sustainable tourism, fishing and to promote education. Dive tour operators in the region are now educated on how to conduct tours and how to educate tourists on ecotourism and conservation.

Many of the hotels and houses in Belize are doing their part to adhere to green travel ideals. By focusing on water conservation and using rainwater as a large source for drinking water, the environment stays protected. Ecolodges in the country promote taking ‘sea showers’ and educate visitors on how to save power, a huge cost and source of financial stress for Belize.

In line with true green travel ideals, Belize is enacting and promoting community based tourism projects where visitors can help the small and traditional communities of Belize. With so much for eco-visitors to experience in Belize and with such strong conservation efforts underway, Belize is a top ecotourism destination.

Eco lodges in Belize

Chan Chich Lodge
Casa de Caballo Blanco
Chaa Creek Lodge
Macaw Bank Jungle Lodge
Turneffe Flats
Belize Jungle Dome
Mamanoots BackaBush
Hickatee Cottages

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