Kenya Eco-Tours

Kenya offers green travelers perhaps the perfect vacation destination. Aside from lions, elephants, deserts, savannahs and safaris, Kenya is also ripe with access to lakes, rainforests, beaches and a vast array of biodiversity from the old world.

With so much to offer in terms of nature, wildlife and extraordinary scenery, Kenya is an amazing place to visit to experience and educate yourself on ecotourism ideals.

Within Kenya there are over 50 national parks and reserves protected under environmental laws. The problems with endangered species and hunting littered throughout Kenya’s past is almost certainly a driving factor behind the conservation efforts throughout Africa today. However because of these efforts, the animals and wildlife in Kenya have been given a real chance at repopulation and preservation into the future. The ecotourism movement in Kenya is working hard to maintain wildlife, culture and Africa’s ecosystems for generations to come. Because of these efforts and because of the extreme biodiversity and adventure ecotourism options in Kenya, this African country is one of the top ecotourism vacation destinations in the world.

Ecotourism in Kenya has tackled what environmentalists claim is one of the biggest problems plaguing green travel. Without a proper way to rate or accredit the many tours, hotels and vacation providers that claim to be eco-friendly, the term gets abused and overused. Ecotourism Kenya however, has developed a rating system for accommodations in Kenya in order to give green travelers the right tools when making ecotourism vacation plans. The organization, which began in 1996, has since garnered huge industry support by not only offering eco ratings for travelers, but information on ecotourism in Kenya as well. For more information on Ecotourism Kenya’s rating system and environmental efforts, see their webpage.

Where to Go in Kenya

As a green traveler visiting Kenya there are a variety of different places to visits and things to do. With the Indian Ocean beaches to one side, rain forests to the other, African safaris in the great expanse within the two and a number of lakes to see, it is hard to pick which place in Kenya to see first. Here are just a few of the most popular travel options for green travelers.

Visit A Park

Many of Kenya’s most highly traveled regions have a National Park worth visiting.

Entrance into the park usually includes tours, lower end safaris, accommodations including lodges and camping, lakes and a great experience in African culture and local wildlife. Parks are protected by environmental laws so green travelers can rest easy while snapping pictures of elephants in the tall reeds. Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s most visited parks. An elephant wandering in the foreground of Mt. Kilimanjaro is scenic Africa at its best. Lake Nakuru National Park, located in the Rift Valley is known as an excellent place to see wildlife like leopards, elephants and white rhinos. Hell’s Gate National Park is also a favorite among visitors because it is one of the few parks that allow you to ditch the private cars and go biking and hiking on your own. Lake Naivasha is a great stopping point during any visit to Hell’s Gate.

Most national parks have accommodations ranging from campsites, dorms to lodges.

Kenya Beaches

Kenya’s gorgeous coastline gives you yet another reason to pack up and go visit. There are beach towns like Malindi, or larger cities like Mombasa if you’re feeling too detached from the real world. Diving in protected areas is recommended, so be sure to check out Malindi Marine Reserve Park.

Eco Lodges in Kenya

The following are a list of eco-related facilities in Kenya, supported by Ecotourism Kenya and environmental green travelers. Many of these eco lodges are also safari and tour operators.

Base Camp Masa Mari
Camp ya Kanzi
Amboseli Porini Camp
Mara Porini Camp
Olseki Mara Camp
Sanctuary Lodges
Turtle Bay Beach Club
Baobab Beach Resort
Bateleur Camp
Elsa’s Kopje
Fundu Lagoon Resort
Greystoke Mahale
Joy’s Camp
Kicheche Mara Camp
Kichwa Tembo
Kizingo Lodge
Saruni Safari Camp

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