Catedral, Argentina

Cerro Catedral is located 19 kilometers outside of Bariloche. This popular ski resort is one of the biggest in South America and it’s easy to see why.

The mountain is equipped with 50 runs operated by 40 lifts that take skiers to high altitudes with gorgeous views. The resort is located within the Nahuel Haupi National Park and being so close to Chile, skiers can see mountain peaks residing in Cerro Catedral’s neighboring country. The snow level is above any and all trees and skiers relish in miles of open terrain. For those who choose not to ski, it isn’t uncommon for visitors to take the Gondola up to the many restaurants littered among the different lifts. One such resting area has viewing holes with the names and heights of famous peaks within the mountain range.

Catedral has all the amenities needed for a perfect winter vacation. The base of the mountain has ski and snowboard rentals and winter clothes available for rent. There are snowshoeing excursions and summer activities such has hiking and rock climbing in the off-season. Because Catedral is so close to Bariloche, many people stay in town however, Catedral has a large number of sleeping accommodations for those interested in being as close to the action as possible.

A map of the mountain is available, indicating the lifts and terrain open to skiers. Catedral’s home page has information on rentals and lift tickets as well as information on other outdoor activities.

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