National Holidays in Greece

Greeks enjoy many national holidays each year. All businesses are closed on those days, apart from the kiosks that sell newspapers and other daily use items such as cigarettes, gum and soft drinks. Also, some tourist shops stay open all the year round. However, at Christmas and at Easter all is closed.

Public Holidays (for 2007)

1 January: New Year’s Day

All is closed. On New Year’s Day Eve people visit a variety of places, the most popular being the casino in Athens, Mont Parnes.

Mont Parnes Casino is open every day, from 8:00 p.m. to 2 or 3 a.m. It includes 500 gaming machines, sixty-one table and poker games, two restaurants and a hotel with seventy-six rooms.

For those who wish to have music entertainment there are many Music Halls open in big cities that offer music and show.

Some hotels hold receptions on that night too. Generally, visitors can get information about the night life in that area from the hotel receptionist.

6 January: Epiphany

19 February: Ash Monday

25 March: National Holiday

A national parade takes place in every city, small town and village. Local celebrations follow according to the particular customs of each place.

8 and 9 April: Easter

Easter is a big celebration in Greece. Most tourist resorts are open and most restaurants and hotels are open too. Each area has got its own traditions and local customs. Special Easter dishes are prepared in some places.

1 May: May Day

Most tourist resorts are open, as well as restaurants and tourist shops.

21 May: Local holiday for the Ionian islands only.

A parade takes place. Public offices are closed as well as all businesses.

28 May: Whit Monday (Holiday only for public sector)

15 August: Assumption of The Virgin

At this time of the year resorts are crowded. There are no vacancies in hotels, so tourists should book a place well in advance.

28 October: National Holiday

A parade, including schools and the army, takes place in every city and town.

25 and 26 December: Christmas

All is closed. On Christmas Eve there are Music Halls open.

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