Travel Deals is here to get you travel deals. In this section you’ll learn about Travel Auctions, weekly efares from most of the airlines, and how to get last minute travel deals.

Depending on your flexibility and how adventurous you are, it may even be possible for you to travel globally as an air courier.

The whole idea is to find low price airfares, discount hotel rooms and other forms of lodging, rental cars deals, cheap cruise vacations, and inexpensive travel packages.

On the following pages you’ll learn about the best, most popular travel auctions where you can bid on travel related items like cruises, complete travel packages, and accommodations. In some instances the proceeds from your travel auction purchase go entire to charity. The best places to find last second airfares are on airline websites, nearly all of which have special weekly efares and other types of deals on airfares, hotels, and cars via their partner businesses.

Becoming an air courier isn’t as popular as it used to be before 9/11, but it’s still worth a look if your travel plans are flexible. As an air courier you’re merely accompanying documents or packages on regular commercial flights in exchange for significant airfare discounts — but travel is truly last second and your choice of destinations quite limited.

Nothing’s better than finding that truly great travel bargain. Now here are some tips to help make your travel discount search that much more successful.

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