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If you’re a thrill seeker or a parent, major theme parks are a must for your vacation itinerary. Whether you’re visiting one of the world’s iconic Disneylands or the famous theme parks on Australia’s Gold Coast, these places guarantee days of fun for the whole family. However these tourist attractions can drain your finances faster than you can say Mickey Mouse. The exorbitant entry prices will mean a day of rides will never come cheaply, but by following our advice you can keep your costs down.

It’s probably tempting to indulge in the atmosphere of the on-site accommodation, but most of these hotels and resorts are expensive. If you’re traveling in a motor home you can enjoy the same buzz, albeit with less luxuries, by staying in the parking lot. You’ll avoid peak hour traffic and be in prime position when the gates open each day! Alternatively consider budget hotels or campsites nearby. You’ll spend a little time in transit, but the savings are worthwhile.

Theme parks are always popular, but some days are quieter than others. Most visitors spend time there during school vacations, on weekends, and on public holidays like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Things tend to slow down on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That’s when the queues will be shorter so you’ll see the most value for your dollar.

The price of admission is a necessary evil, but there are still ways to save. Look for bundled deals which allow you to visit several nearby theme parks for a low price. Some hotels also offer packages which bundle day passes with your room. The popular Entertainment Books and leading auto clubs also offer discounted or two-for-one passes for many local theme parks. You could also save simply by booking your tickets online from the theme park’s website before you arrive. And if you’re visiting for four days or more, you may find an annual pass is the most affordable option.

The mark-ups on food and beverages in the world’s theme parks are enormous. It’s much smarter to stash a few snacks and sandwiches in your knapsack before you set off. Low GI-snacks like dried fruit and packets of nuts and popcorn will keep everyone satisfied for longer. A water bottle is another great idea, as you can refill it at drinking fountains during the day. You’ll also feel full for much of the day if you indulge in a fry-up breakfast before you arrive.

The Batwing Spaceshot at Movie World, Australia

The Batwing Spaceshot at Movie World, Australia

Souvenirs can also drain the budget, particularly if you’re traveling with kids. It’d be mean to suggest they can’t take home something emblazoned with their favorite character. They key here is to restrict the purchases, perhaps by setting a budget or allowing them to buy just one item. They’ll think more carefully about what they really want, and you won’t leave the gift shop, or the park itself, with a massive bill.

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