Buenos Aires Hotels

Finding the right accommodations in Buenos Aires is easy because there is so much to offer.

From tiny hostels for the quiet traveler and boutique hotels for some quiet elegance, to four-star hotels for some well deserved pampering, Buenos Aires has what any person might consider ‘perfect.’

When booking your stay it is advantageous to consider what kind of stay you require. Choosing the right environment and neighborhood can greatly affect your city experience. For instance staying in the Centro means you are close to the hustle and bustle as well as transportation. However, staying in Palermo or Recoleta for example means a more scenic neighborhood with boutique style eating and shopping.

Hotels in Buenos Aires

Hotels available with prices and dates, or booking available by necessary landmarks such as an airport, are a great way to pick a hotel perfect for your stay. Booking by neighborhood is a great way to ensure your living accommodations have the ambiance you desire and staying in a boutique hotel is a popular way to spend your trip in the charming streets outside of the Centro if you so choose.

Hostels in Buenos Aires

Milhouse hostel is one of Buenos Aires’ most infamous hostels. Known for its lively travelers and late nights, this is one hostel making a name for itself worldwide. Back in BA hostel is conveniently located in the trendy Palermo Viejo and is newly remodeled. For a list of hostels in the area and to book accommodations www.hostelbookers.com is a helpful website.

For longer stays in Buenos Aires, apartment rentals are popular for the week or month. This is ideal for those traveling with families or groups of friends as well as for those who are in need of accommodations more like they find at home.

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