Hawaiian Islands

Different strokes for different folks. Maybe you’re familiar with that saying? It definitely applies to Hawaii travel, where there are several different islands each with different types of activities and varying scenery.

If you love big cities then the only option, really, is a visit to Honolulu. In general, the Hawaiian Islands each have a number of relatively smallish sized cities with small towns sprinkled around. Peace and relaxation are what Hawaii is all about!

The following pages introduce you to the Hawaiian islands: Maui, The Big Island, Kauai, Oahu. Each section includes information about activities, history, and Hawaii hotels.

Fortunately, it’s easy to travel between the different Hawaiian islands using inter-island flights provided by Hawaiian Airlines, Pacific Wings, and Island Air. The new Hawaii Superferry launched in the summer of 2007 and transports passengers between the islands. Learn more on our Hawaii transportation page.

After learning a little bit about each of the major Hawaiian Islands we introduce you to other Hawaii travel information, such as golfing in Hawaii, Hawaii cruises, and other tourism tidbits.

Learn what you can about the different islands, then decide which one fits the bill for your ideal vacation. Maybe you’ll end up going to Kauai for the ultimate relaxation and then spend a few days on the more “touristy” Maui for better restaurants and top-notch SCUBA diving. Who knows?

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