Get Walking on Your Next Vacation

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Most articles about frugal travel focus on finding cheap flights and navigating public transport. But there’s a much cheaper way to get around your next holiday hotspot. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation or planning. In fact, you can do it right now. Just grab a pair of sensible shoes and start walking!

Why We Love Walking

One of the key advantages of walking for frugal travelers is the bottom line. You can walk anywhere for free! That’s logically true, but practicality’s another matter. It’s best to stay close to the heart of the city with its facilities and attractions if you’re planning a walking vacation, especially if you have kids in tow. This can be more expensive, but you’ll likely recoup these savings with your reduced transport costs.

Walking also lets you really experience the flavor of your destination. It allows you to stop and appreciate the streets around you, rather than watching them whizz by from a bus or train window. If something piques your interest, you can divert from your path and explore. You’ll likely discover local secrets that aren’t on any tourist map and have more opportunities to mingle with the residents.

The average holidaymaker tends to gain five to 10 pounds sampling those breakfast buffets and local delicacies, but walking can help you buck that trend. It’s a very accessible form of exercise that’s much easier to incorporate into your vacation regime than a session in the gym.

Walking won’t just benefit you though. It’s also great for the planet as it’s one of the few types of transport that leaves no carbon footprint! Even if you’re not an ecotourist, you’ll appreciate your efforts to keep the air clean as you breathe it in on your walking adventures!

Make the Most of Your Walking Vacation

A pair of sensible shoes is essential for any walking tourist. They needn’t be sneakers, but they should have arch support and flat soles. Running shoes, hiking boots or sandals, or even a well-made pair of dress shoes can work well. It’s important to consider the type of walking you’ll do though. Something as simple as a pair of flip flops will suit walks around the city, but hiking boots are essential if you plan on hitting the trails.

While walking is ideal for spontaneous travelers, there’s merit in planning a route. This will ensure you see points of interest and don’t get lost. It’s a good idea to take a tourist map with you on your travels, as they have attractions, bathrooms, and restaurants clearly marked. Find them at your hotels, tourist information centers, and tourist attractions.

walking_awayAn oversized handbag might be fashionable, but it’ll quickly lose its appeal after a day on your feet. We suggest only packing the essentials in your pockets or a small cross-body bag. Just make sure there’s space for a bottle of water, especially you’re vacationing during summer. It’s easy to dehydrate on a day outdoors, particularly if you’re tackling challenging terrain.

With the right attitude and preparation, days spent walking can be the highlight of any vacation.

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