Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche is one of Argentina’s most popular tourist attractions for the outdoor enthusiast. Located to the west, Bariloche is the Lake District’s largest city.

The tourism in Bariloche draws as much of a local crowd as it does to foreign travelers because of its accessibility, and popularity. Known mostly for its ski resort Cerro Catedral, Bariloche is crawling with skiers and snow bunnies in the on season, which is known as one of Argentina’s largest skiing attractions. Because of its epic scenery and favorable location, those looking for a lakeside holiday in the summer flock to Bariloche to enjoy the warmer months in the cool waters of Lake Nahuel Haupi and to take in hiking along its shores.

The city itself is considered fairly quiet. Like any good ski town however, it does have its fair share of clubs and popular bars and in the late afternoon the streets are full of shoppers and those who have just returned from hiking or an afternoon of skiing. Besides the natural allure of Bariloche, the city is famous for its chocolate and small coffee and chocolate shops can be found on nearly every corner. The summer months draw hikers and climbers and it is common for those visiting Bariloche to take boat excursions onto the lake, or to take buses into the countryside for some more adventurous hiking. Biking part of the lake circuit is a great way to enjoy the view and to see more of the forest in Bariloche’s National Park.

Arriving in Bariloche is usually done by plane or by bus. Most of Argentina ‘s main cities will have direct flights into the airport, which is only a few kilometers outside the city. Because Bariloche is only one of Argentina’s gorgeous Lake District cities, it’s a popular stopping ground for those headed toward the more extreme outdoor experiences in Patagonia.

Staying in Bariloche

Because stays in Bariloche vary in duration it isn’t uncommon for families to rent cabins or bungalows for longer ski trips. Bariloche hotels are located throughout the small downtown and there are a handful of popular hostels as well. Bariloche’s most popular hostel is 1004 ( where you can enjoy panoramic views of the lake and mountains, along with topnotch amenities.

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