Traveling with a Smartphone – Why New Cell Phones Make Great Vacation Companions

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We’ve waxed lyrical about the fabulous Smartphone apps that make traveling much simpler, but don’t forget about your high tech cell phone’s other features. Your brand new iPhone or Android phone has many other practical perks that make it the perfect traveling companion.

When you travel with a Smartphone you’ve always got a digital camera in your pocket. That’s a real blessing for anyone who’s ever missed capturing a chance animal encounter or unexpected meeting with a celebrity. But the appeal of a Smartphone camera goes beyond that convenience. These inbuilt shooters are much better than the grainy cameras in old fashioned cell phones. Most of the new models have a resolution of eight megapixels, which is comparable to many of the standalone digital cameras you’ll buy. They also make it easy to share your vacation snaps with friends on Facebook and Twitter in an instant. Bye bye messy computer cables!

When those still snaps just won’t cut it you can probably use your SmartPhone as a video camera. Most new models have a built in 1080p HDMI camcorder so you can shoot footage of a fun night out or a quiet sunset. It’s also pretty easy to edit your recording from your phone and then send it to Facebook or YouTube. Your online friends will be so jealous of your adventures! The resolution of these phone camcorders is so good that you can happily watch your vacation videos on your television at home without any loss of quality.

Why wrestle with oversized tourist maps when you’ve got a GPS in your phone? Even if you’re lost, most Smartphones will know exactly where you are thanks to apps like Navigator and Google Maps. And even better, they can help you get to where you want to be. Just type in your destination, be it your hotel or that hot new restaurant, and your phone will plot the quickest route.

How many times have you wanted a pen and paper to jot down phone numbers, reminders, or vacation memories? There’s no need to scrounge around in your knapsack anymore because you can take notes on your Smartphone. Use the keyboard or voice recorder to make notes and then e-mail them to yourself to deal with later.

Every road trip needs a soundtrack, and your Smartphone has that covered too. Forget your MP3 player or Discman if you’re really stuck in the past. These days tech savvy travelers have their entire music collections on their Smartphones. And if your own collection isn’t exhaustive enough you can even stream more tunes from the internet. Just remember to beware of those global roaming fees! Listen to your music via personal headphones or plug your system into a hire car stereo and let everyone else enjoy your playlist.

And let’s not forget those apps that make navigating any unfamiliar city so much simpler. They’ll tell you where to eat and stay, clue you in on all the hottest nightspots, and even help you find the nearest restrooms. These handy applications are the next best things to having local friends!

Application_SmartphoneDid you realize that your Smartphone could do all those nifty things? Most of us spend so much time on our apps that we forget about all the other benefits of these gadgets. While they cost more than the old fashioned cell phones, buying all of the individual devices that do the same jobs would quickly clean out your bank account. Then there’s the added advantage of traveling much lighter. With airlines forever upping their excess baggage fees, that’s something all frugal tourists can get behind!

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