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Travel industry jobs abound if you know where to look. Perhaps it’s a job on a cruise ship or tour guide position in Alaska during the summer months.

Many jobs in the travel industry afford you the ability to see new places, experience new things and make money while doing so. In this section you will gain valuable information about a number of jobs that involve travel. Our free guide to travel jobs will show you many different ways to find work in the travel industry. In addition to overseas jobs, you will learn about volunteer opportunities and experiences, a great way to enjoy travel while improving your resume.

Find out more about travel industry jobs in our section dedicated to working abroad. We have detailed information regarding:

In addition to learning about different jobs overseas you will also have access to FrugalMonkey’s free job board, updated regularly with travel industry jobs and information.

On the following pages you will learn that working abroad doesn’t necessarily involve working overseas for long periods of time. There are a number of jobs that run seasonally or for a period of months. Some of those jobs include cruise ship jobs and resort jobs, where contracts can be extended for a few months or years if you so choose. You will find out about the different cruise ship jobs available and how to being applying for seasonal work at resorts. Some resort jobs involve a lot of travel, while others are located just a few miles away at popular summer vacation destinations.

Sometimes working abroad involves long trips overseas. Find out about teaching English as a second language, one of the most popular jobs for people working overseas.

Volunteer opportunities are also an exciting way to experience travel and our entire section on volunteering will help to answer any questions you might have regarding volunteer jobs and opportunities.

Don’t forget to check out our partner website, JobMonkey, which features a free work abroad job board and blog. Both are excellent resources for someone looking to find work overseas. Our job board is updated regularly with new job openings and our blog consistently posts new information regarding working and volunteering abroad.

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