Eco-Sensitive Lodges and Hotels Worldwide

Take a look at some of the world’s top eco-sensitive accommodations in addition to our list of resources on green accommodations.

Featured Green Accommodations

The following is a list of hotels and lodges that are known for being especially eco-friendly. Destinations vary across the globe.

Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa – Australia

Daintree Eco Lodge is an environmentally friendly hotel and spa in the Australian outback. The lodges, which are nestled within the rainforests of the Australian wilderness, offer visitors ecotourism at its best. Accolades for the hotel include mention on National Geographic’s Best Eco Lodges in the World, World’s Best Eco Spa, World Travel Awards Winner for leading eco-lodge of the world and many more. Enjoy a stay at Daintree that is as luxurious as it is environmentally friendly.

Soneva Fushi Resort & Six Senses Spa – Maldives

Six Senses is a spa and resort in the Maldives that has made extraordinary commitments to green travel. Pledging to cut its green house gas emissions and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2010 this pristine resort encourages guests to use renewable resources and reduce the harmful effects of mass tourism.

Alaska’s Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge – Alaska

Alaska’s Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge is what Alaskan fantasy is all about. They bill themselves as an ideal destination for experiencing Alaska in luxurious comfort while also having countless adventure oriented activities nearby. Their timber-framed lodge has a 10 guest capacity. Included in their rates are three gourmet meals each day (served by the hosts), use of all lodge facilities, rooms with private baths, WiFi, house keeping, and all in-house activities. Activities are arranged by request and include brown bear photography, trophy salmon and halibut charters, fly-fishing for rainbow trout, hiking, bird-watching, and many other activities. For more information, please visit the website.

Kicking Horse River Lodge – British Colombia

Kicking Horse Lodge is ski lodge and resort that deservers a nod for its environmentally friendly initiatives. Geothermally heated, the cabin and ski dorms offer travelers the best in eco-friendly efforts through their accommodations and green travel charity. The lodge is known for screening films that are eco-friendly and supporting local green businesses.

Heritance Kandalama – Sri Lanka

The Heritance Hotels appear more like an archeological find than a four star resort. However, upon closer inspection you will find modern design fused with green initiatives at its very best. The vegetation surrounding the hotel has been architected to collect rainwater in the hotel’s reservoir. Additionally, the wildlife and views surrounding the hotel make it an excellent choice when it comes to enjoying the wilder side of ecotourism.

Tiamo – Bahamas

Tiamo Resorts are the pinnacle of ecotourism and green accommodations. The pristine beaches of the Bahamas and the variety of outdoors activities available there are a traveler’s dream. What is most notable however, are the Tiamo bungalow’s efforts toward green living. Located in South Andros,, this largely uninhabited region of the Bahamas are maintained by incredible efforts in ecotourism. The Tiamo bungalows, eleven in total, use less electricity and power in one month than the typical American household and only serve sustainable foods. These are just a few of Tiamo’s excellent eco-friendly efforts.

Whitepod – Switzerland

Whitepod is at the top of nearly everyone’s list when it comes to eco-friendly travel. The geodesic domes at Whitepod offer skiers in the winter and summer hikers with electricity-free accommodations. Sustainable foods, firewood and organic sheepskin blankets make this location as green as it gets. Except that no roads lead to Whitepod. You have to ski or hike in to reach them.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch – Colorado

The Devils’ Thumb Ranch provides an ecotourism experience in Colorado unlike few others. While land prices are skyrocketing and ranchers have been forced to sell, the owners of the Devil’s Thumb are preserving nearly 5,000 acres owned by the lodge. Limiting development of the land to only 1% and be heating and cooling the cabins entirely by firewood harvested on the property, the Devil’s Thumb is an excellent green accommodation choice.

Green Accommodation Resources

The world continues to provide greener and greener accommodations and opportunities for travelers. Check out some of these other amazing eco-friendly lodges.

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