Hawaii Trip

Preparing for Hawaii

The joy of traveling in Hawaii is that you don’t need a passport; there is no language barrier or currency to exchange.

However there are a few rules. Because of Hawaii’s extreme isolation in the middle of the pacific, a delicate eco system has evolved. Bringing exotic animals is prohibited and domestic animals such as cats and dogs are heavily regulated. All visitors must also fill out an agricultural inspection form before landing declaring all fruits and vegetables. Because of insect infestation such as fruit flies; no raw fruits, vegetables or plants are allowed to be carried in to the Hawaiian Islands. So eat your apple before you land.

Once you have arrived you may take plants, fruits and vegetables between the islands but you will not be allowed to take any such items to the mainland. The only exceptions to this are pre packaged and approved items found in specialty gift shops and the airport such as pineapple, leis, and plant bulbs.

Allow yourself extra time before your departure because all bags bound for out of state destinations will have to pass through an agricultural inspection machine. This line can be quite long as everyone’s bag must have the agricultural inspection sticker before check in, or your bag will be rejected and you will be sent to the back of the line. Your carry on will also go through agricultural inspection when you get closer to the gate, so no cheating.

If you land on the islands of Oahu, Maui or Kauai, taxis will be available to take you to your destination.

Consider that they are quite expensive. If you land on Molokai or Lanai, please be advised that there are no taxis or shuttles except for the ones provided by the hotels and you must be a registers guest to have access to this transportation.

The good news is that while you are hitch hiking to your destination (I kid) you will enjoy beautiful sunny weather almost all year round. Remember that sunburn can make your trip uncomfortable, so be prepared for those ultra violet rays for most of the day. Even if it is overcast, use sunscreen. Those days are usually when sunburn is the worst.

Many times because of the glorious surroundings and hospitality, people let their guard down and do things that they wouldn’t do normally. Be aware that trouble does sometimes happen in paradise, so be as conscious as you would be at home. Do not leave your valuables in plain sight in your car, on the beach or unattended.

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