Hawaii Activities

Hawaii is a great place to have an adventure or to explore off the beaten path. With its jungles, rivers and spectacular oceans there is always something new to see and do. Each island offers different types of exploration and it really all depends on what you are up for.

The Big Island is known for some of the best off road adventures such as kayaking, hiking, horseback riding and ATV rides.

With its diverse scenery, you are able to choose what suits you best. If you would like to go kayaking, surfing or diving off the gorgeous Kealakekua Bay, the best team of tour guides on the island is the Kona Boys. They are fun and knowledgeable and know how to create an enjoyable experience in the water.

If it’s hiking you want, then Dr. Hugh Montgomery and his staff of Hawaiian Walkways is the way to go. An avid enthusiast of the island of Hawaii, Dr. Montgomery is well versed on historic trails, island flora and the islands greatest hikes. Hawaiian Walkways will take you on an adventure through upland meadows, gorgeous waterfalls, rainforests, molten lava flows and more. If you want to see the Big Island up close and personal, Hawaiian Walkways will give you an educational and glorious tour of the island.

When it comes to Horseback and ATV tours the Top of Waipio adventure company will guide you through some of the best activities and views of the island. With the Waipio Valley (known as the Valley of Kings) below and the view of Mauna Kea at the lookout, you will be amazed at the Big Island’s diversity and splendor. ATV tours through eucalyptus and ginger forests where access is limited though the valley is something not everyone can or wants to do but if you are up for it it’s a wild wonderful ride.

Since Oahu is mostly known for the city of Honolulu and Waikiki, you may want to get out of the hustle and bustle into some nature tours. Oahu Nature Tours offers Bird Land Adventure Tours with bird watching, hidden waterfall adventures and tours of the Valley of Rainbows. Although this island is busy and sometimes has more traffic than needed, it is a stunningly beautiful island and does offer more than just a city.

The North Shore of the island also has Shark adventures with North Shore Shark Adventures. This is obviously not for the faint of heart. As you are lowered safely into a cage you are able to closely view Gray Reef, Galapagos, Sandbar and Hammerhead sharks and allowing you some of the best photo opportunities possible.

Maui is one of the best islands for adventure simply because of the friendly, outgoing people. One of the adventure tours to check out while there is Skyline Eco Adventure Tours Zipline.

There is nothing more exhilarating than souring down a gulch through the trees on the side of one of the largest volcanoes.

If you’re a bit of a bike junkie, then Maui Downhill adventures takes you and a crew coasting down the volcano to view gorgeous views of the neighbor islands. This is said to be a fun and exciting tour with great photo moments and the thrill of a fantastic ride.

If you are on Kauai and looking for a fun family adventure Tubing is a blast. Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers tubing and zipline tours. Tubing places you down gently flowing waters and through lush scenery of some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the island.

With rivers, jungles and vast oceans for miles you have many options to choose from. It really all depends on what kind of wild ride you are looking for and what kind of thrill seeker you are. If it’s an adventure you want, the Hawaiian Islands are filled with exciting exploration for those wanting to get off the beaten path.

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