Stopping to admire a cascading waterfall is a great reward for a hard day hiking the trails. And best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to pause and appreciate these natural wonders. In this article we tell you where you can find the world’s 10 best waterfalls. Bridal Veil Waterfall, New Zealand It takes less […]

We all know that the best way to save money abroad is to live like the locals do. In Fiji that means stepping out of the resorts with their overpriced restaurants and discovering the wealth of flavors outside. The smells of tropical fruits and the buzz of enthusiastic vendors hits you as you approach Suva […]

When you’re vacationing in Fiji you’ll hear many unfamiliar words. While English is the predominant language, several Fijian words have made it into the everyday vernacular. Learning these key terms and phrases will help you feel like a local in no time. Bula is the most common greeting in Fiji. By repeating this word to […]

Vanuatu’s tropical and subtropical climates guarantee the stretch of Polynesian islands always lives up to its reputation as an idyllic coastal paradise. However, tourists should be aware of the country’s changing weather conditions throughout the year before planning to travel around Vanuatu. There is little climate variation between the seasons; whether it’s around 85 degrees […]

Fiji is a relaxed island country that embraces foreign travelers. But there are a few tourist traps that visitors should be aware of to ensure they get the most from their Polynesian vacation. Fiji lures tourists with the promise of sun, surf, and sparkling white sand, but that ideal doesn’t tell the whole story. The […]

The South Pacific region in Oceania is famous for its picturesque location and laidback lifestyle, but you might not know that the area is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses. In this article we take a look at some of the island location’s best. Not far from Fiji’s international airport […]

It’s very easy to spend your time in Fiji lolling about on the beach and drinking too many cocktails. But if you want more out of your Oceanic getaway, consider gearing up for a JetSki Safari adventure. This is a far cry from an African safari experience; rather than wild animals you’ll see some of […]

We all know that Tonga is one of the most affordable destinations in the South Pacific. But how should you manage your money once you get there? Tongan pa’anga banknotes are available in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, and 50. One hundred seniti is equivalent to one TS$1. Seniti coins come in denominations […]

Samoa is a tropical paradise, where life moves at a snail’s pace to please both the locals and tourists alike. Such a beautiful part of Oceania is a pleasure to visit at any time of year, but you may like to consider a few factors before you set off. Most tourists travel to Samoa with […]

Fiji is a laid back country which jokingly runs on “Fiji Time.” It’s easy to adjust to this relaxed way of life, particularly once you’ve savored a traditional hangi feast, then spent a few hours on a sparkling white beach. But Fiji doesn’t forget adrenalin junkies, with a range of experiences designed to get your […]