Most articles about frugal travel focus on finding cheap flights and navigating public transport. But there’s a much cheaper way to get around your next holiday hotspot. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation or planning. In fact, you can do it right now. Just grab a pair of sensible shoes and start walking! Why […]

As global warming continues to take its toll, travelers want to be sure that discovering the planet won’t ruin it for future generations. Ecotourism is an exciting new trend, but sustainable lodging and vacation packages can often cost a bomb. Happily though, you don’t need to invest in expensive accommodation and extras to vacation a […]

Taking a frugal vacation doesn’t mean you need to face another boring, bland hostel. Read on to discover some of the weirdest and most wonderful backpackers’ stays on the planet. ArkaBarka Floating Hostel in Belgrade, Serbia Backpackers can’t ask for better water views than those offered by the ArkaBarka Floating Hotel in Belgrade. This unusual […]

Most of us have car pooled to the office, or hitched a ride with friends after a big night out. However when we vacation, most of us tend to travel solo or with our nearest and dearest. But why not embrace carpooling practices when you’re abroad? Ride sharing is a great way to cut costs, […]

f you’re a frugal eco-traveler, chances are you’ve seen the label “LEED certified” on various hotels, restaurants, museums and sports stadiums. I always knew this was something that should impress me, but until lately, I didn’t really understand everything that LEED certification entails. If you’re curious like I was, here is a quick overview of what is involved in obtaining and maintaining a LEED certification.

The Great Lakes are some of the most impressive U.S. natural wonders. However, they are usually only considered a “destination” for people who live nearby. Here is an overview of each lake and reasons why you should venture to one of their shores for your next frugal adventure.

I am an advocate of U.S. road trips as a cost-effective and adventurous way to spend one’s summer vacation. One of my favorite things to do while I’m on the road is to enjoy the variety of “natural wonders” the U.S. has to offer. Here are some of my top picks for you to check out the next time you find yourself on the road and in search of some natural beauty. Many lodgings in these areas fill up quickly for the summer months, so I recommend planning your natural getaway in advance

I read a lot on travel blogs and in travel magazines about traveling green or low-impact travel. However, did you know that traveling green also tends to be less expensive than more conventional modes of travel? From transportation to lodging, here are some helpful tips for traveling green and saving money in the process. After all, what could be better than that?

Whether we’re talking about airfare or cab fare, transportation costs can eat up a large part of one’s travel budget. Of course, western Europe is known for its highly accessible and inexpensive public transportation systems. But we’ve got plenty of bragging rights in the U.S., too. If you’re looking to cut down on transportation costs once you reach your destination, check out these ten best U.S. cities for public transportation. You may be surprised by some of them!

Volunteer tourism consists of spending part or all of one’s travel time engaging in some sort of volunteer work. I know people who go on volunteer trips themselves (without the support of an organization), but most volunteer tourism is done through specific organizations or companies that have the contacts and resources to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.