Travel Jobs

Many of us feel we need a special skill to contemplate working abroad. However, if you’re from an English speaking country your native language may be the ticket to an opulent overseas stay. Teaching English abroad will net you a much more generous salary than pulling beers or farming. In addition to those substantial wages, […]

Got the travel bug but your bank account says “no way”? Working abroad can be a cost-effective and interesting way to travel. Though this post focuses uniquely on farming opportunities around the world (for which individuals need no or very little training), keep in mind that if you are 18 or older, there are many […]

Are you a ski or snowboard extraordinaire? Do you love the snowy mountains and exploring backcountry wilderness trails on cross country skis? Have you ever wanted to coach or get free access to a lift ticket by working for a snow sport resort? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take a […]

You may or may not have heard of Crystal Cruises. If you haven’t, you probably won’t be forgetting that name anytime soon. This cruise line has just unveiled what we’re willing to call one of the best travel deals of the year. Check out what you can book this fall for practically pennies. The cruise […]

Attention job hunters! We dedicate a lot of information to finding travel deals, but what about travel jobs? FrugalMonkey specializes not only in the best travel destinations but also how to find work in the travel industry. Check out four great areas where work is available for travel lovers and learn a little bit more […]

You may have heard us sound off about the cruise industry a time or two. Well, it’s probably because we’re big fans of the places cruise ships can take you. Did you know that when the cruise industry first started, cruises only served as a means for travel across the Atlantic? And that after the […]

What better way to kick off summer then by working an amazing summer job. If you want to earn money during the summer, but still enjoy the experiences and excitement of travel then check out FrugalMonkey’s resources on summer travel jobs. Working Abroad Working abroad for the summer, is taking seasonal jobs to the extreme. […]

With so much talk about the new travel site, Bing, we were eager to try. This week we got our chance. Here is your FrugalMonkey review: Bing works a lot like Farecaster, an online travel auction site that pools information from various airline carriers to bring you the best flight and travel deals. One key […]

When you’re planning your summer vacation or fall plans, don’t forget about FrugalMonkey’s sections on summer jobs and travel industry jobs. We provide helpful information about finding jobs in the travel industry, ways to make money while you travel and information on living and working abroad. If you’ve always wanted to travel then consider teaching […]

If you’ve ever considered a job in the travel industry, then check out FrugalMonkey’s many pages on travel jobs. We not only feature jobs such as cruise ship jobs and resort jobs, a perfect way to find seasonal employment that allows you to travel, but we also have sections that describe ways in which you […]