Ixtapa, Mexico Travel Guide

Situated in the picturesque southwestern Pacific portion of the country, Ixtapa is considered by many to be positioned directly in the heart of The Mexican Riviera.

Ixtapa is located one hundred and fifty miles northwest of Acapulco. A modern tourist paradise with aquatic vistas and miles of great beaches. The region is perfect for exploration, both underneath the ocean surface as well as in the many caves and lagoons that consume the land. Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are two major Mexican tourist cities separated by only four miles, making this unique area of Mexico home to twin cities that are entirely different yet connected into one major tourist hotspot.

Ixtapa Boulevard is located close enough to the action and many of the finest hotels are located here. These hotels are beachfront and offer everything that most visitors need. These are good choices for those searching for leisure and first class service. The location is perfect for those who are meeting on business but want to have some time at the beach. Three popular hotels in the region include the Presidente InterContinentel Ixtapa, Tesoro Ixtapa, and the Emporio Ixtapa.

For those travelers looking to stay in a condo or apartment style hotel there are a few options. These Ixtapa hotels cost less than the fancy ones and often provide more privacy and tranquility. They all have pools and full amenities. These are good choices for students and budget travelers. The Hotel Puerta del Mar, Pacifica Resort Ixtapa, and Hotel dorado Pacifico Ixtapa are three of these condo style hotels.

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