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n past posts, I’ve given advice on packing and avoiding luggage fees. Now it’s time to take a look at the gear you’ll need to get the rest of your gear where it needs to go. When deciding whether to use a suitcase or a backpack, it’s important to think through multiple issues. In addition to giving you some general criteria to think about, I’ll offer suggestions on some of “best practices” for using each type of luggage.

As you know, there are plenty of useless travel products on the market. However, there are also some products that are incredibly useful and will save you time or money (or both!) while traveling or planning your travel adventures. Here are seven “basics,” that will serve you well no matter where you’re headed.

Looking for great gift ideas for the world traveler in your life? Or perhaps you can’t afford to take a big trip this year and are looking to live vicariously. Here are some of the top travel- inspired holiday gifts for 2010. Travel Books If you are you in the market for original, sophisticated travel […]

There is a lot to consider when you’re making travel plans. Flights, hotels and hostels, destinations and budgets are just a few of the annoying travel details you can’t go without. But for backpackers, campers and college grads this summer, a lot of travel plans include the great outdoors and lots of activities. This could […]

When you’re booking your Greece vacation, flights to see an old college buddy, ski trip or even camping trip, use one simple tool that will save you hundreds on flights and hotels. On some occasions, by searching for promotion codes you can save up to 50% on flights, vacation packages and car rentals. It is […]