Alaska by Rail

Unfortunately, there is not an international rail connection yet which connects Canada and Alaska. However, railroad fans still do have several fun options, all of which allow passengers to view the beautiful Alaska countryside through large panoramic windows.

For example, the Canadian rail system will chug passengers to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, from which passengers can disembark and board and Alaska-bound ferry.

Alternatively, rail-goers can hop on The Alaska Railroad which will take them from Anchorage down south to the cruise port of Seward, and then north to Denali. The Alaskan Railroad has a very helpful Web site which gives details about different routes, scenic journeys, prices and the different types of trains that are available. For example, for visitors who want to see Alaska during the winter yet don’t want to drive, The Alaskan Railroad is a safe and fun alternative. The routes include stops where passengers can learn how to mush a dogsled or soak in beautiful hot springs which are surrounded by snowdrifts – definitely a unique experience! There is also a special Spring Diner Train as well as an Easter Train route. Or, to get a taste for what the locals do, hop on the Hurricane Turn Train, which takes passengers along a 55-mile route which traces the route Alaska locals use to get to their remote cabins.

There is also an option called The White Pass and Yukon Route which runs from Skagway along an old Klondike gold rush route, with day trips reaching all the way to Bennett Lake, British Columbia.

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