Eco-Friendly Cruise Vacations

Choosing an eco-friendly way to travel is an excellent way to help preserve and maintain our planets animals, communities, cultures and environments. Find out how to pick green cruises when you’re planning your next vacation and which cruise lines are choosing eco-friendly ways to travel.

One way to help eliminate the waste from cruise ships is to choose greener ways to travel overall. If you can access your travel destination without using a cruise ship, that is the best way to eliminate the pressure cruising puts on the environment. Yet, with so many green cruises available, you don’t have to give up that cool ocean breeze entirely.


Try picking a smaller ship or sailboat in place of large cruise liners. Sailing has a variety of low carbon options and is a great way travel the water as a ecotourist. With the help of crews your sailing experience can be as interactive or luxurious as you like.

Cruise Lines International Association

Members of the Cruise Lines International Association (which includes most major cruise liners) have all voluntarily agreed to follow a strict environmental standard while sailing. American Cruise Lines, Carnival, Celebrity, Costa, Disney, Holland, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Windstar are just to name a few of the major cruise liners who take environmentally cautious actions while traveling.

Find a green cruise now! Check our links below for some excellent places to find eco-friendly cruises and sailing.

Major Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Costa Cruises
Disney Cruise Line
Holland America
Norwegian Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Royal Caribbean International
Windstar Cruises

Other Cruise Lines and Eco Sailing Outfitters

Cruise North Expeditions
Lindblad Expeditions
Maple Leaf Adventures
Mystic Blue Eco Sailing and Diving

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