Sitka, Alaska

Some say that Sitka is the most beautiful of Alaska’s Southeast cities. Situated on the Western side of Baranof Island, the Eastern part of the city is a range of beautiful mountains, and the Western side of the city faces the Pacific Ocean. It’s a gorgeous seaside town with a wide variety of activities for everyone.

Visitors wanting to stay close to the water will enjoy exploring the collection of islands and bays in Sitka Sound in a guided tour boat. Those looking for a more independent experience have the option of renting kayaks and making their way through the beautiful bays. This can be a particularly relaxing experience. Also, there are a number of opportunities for snorkeling and diving in Sitka, a unique and memorable way to experience the city’s landscape and wildlife.

Another option for those who enjoy driving or taking guided vehicle tours are the all-terrain vehicle tours available in the city. These tours can take visitors to spots which are difficult to get to on foot or on bike.

Sitka is very interesting culturally due to the combination of Native and Russian influences on the city. Additionally, the city’s natural beauty is quite famous. Sitka sits in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, the largest temperate rain forest in the world. At St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge, visitors can enjoy a variety of sea birds including puffins. What’s more, during the late fall and early spring, whale watchers can witness the spectacular site of humpback whales in their natural feeding grounds.

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