Things to See in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is the marlin sport fishing capital of the world. Dollars are awarded to the winners. Sport fishing also allows tourist to get a close up view of the famous arch, and take great pictures of themselves in front of this impressive landmark.

Catching a giant fish and holding it up like a prize is a Cabo tradition and is at the heart of a Cabo San Lucas vacation experience. Children will love this activity and it also offers spectacular views of the shorelines and mountains.

Taking a water taxi between Medana beach and the marina will give visitors views of the marina and the beach. Many water taxis are glass bottom boats which will allow people to enjoy the fish below. This method of transportation is unique and fun, and will allow everyone to get a good look at the boats in the marina and the restaurants on the beach. Visitors can also catch a water taxi to lover’s beach, located at the actual tip of the peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez merges with the Pacific Ocean, and both bodies of water break waves upon opposite sides of the shore. When in Venice take a gondola, when in Cabo take a water taxi.

There are spectacular beaches along The Tourist Corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas with San Jose del Cabo. Many of them are uninhabited, and can thus provide your friends with privacy and serenity. This is a plus for those looking to escape the bustling atmosphere of Medana beach. Renting a car will enable all to journey off the beaten path and discover these beaches. A jeep will enable everyone to drive on the beach. Weekdays and early mornings insure privacy, since most locals go to the beaches during weekends.

However, people of ages enjoy this bar and it is the perfect place to begin the evening festivities. The view and ambience is beautiful.

The Latitude 22 Roadhouse bar and restaurant is fishing themed and the ambiance will make visitors feel like Hemingway wrote The Old Man and The Sea while drinking here.

People older than forty will especially enjoy this place, and live piano music Thursday through Sunday provides the entertainment for those much older. It is a fun place and a must visit location for all ages, but especially for the adults.

Squid Roe is the largest nightclub in Cabo, and the place most people end up at three in the morning. This is the place to dance on tables, drink to oblivion, listen to the loudest music and pulsating floors in Baja Sur, and meet people. Squid Roe is a two level club and a must visit late night attraction. This place is totally over the top. Extravagant and decadent.

Cabo Wabo is the Sammy Hagar hangout that has live music and a great ambiance. The atmosphere is vivacious and many unannounced live appearance from famous rock stars makes this a very fun club.

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