Combine your love for adventure and the great outdoors with a vacation to Alaska. Each year tourists flock by air, land and sea to experience the excitement of a vacation in one of North America’s most beautiful regions.

While most people think of amazing outdoors adventures like fishing, hunting, backpacking, hiking and whitewater rafting when they think about a trip to Alaska, there is infinitely more to experience! Luxury vacations, romantic railroad trips, the thrill of seeing the northern lights and fine dining await any vacationer to the Last Frontier. These incredible combinations make Alaskan travel accessible for families, groups of friends, couples and even individuals looking for a fun and fulfilling vacation.

In this section you will find out all there is to know about travel to Alaska. While planning your trip you can expect to learn:

  • How to prepare for a trip to Alaska
  • The different ways to arrive in Alaska
  • Activities and popular sites to see in Alaska’s major cities, such as Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska
  • Alaskan cruises
  • The famous Iditarod Dog Sled race
  • Information on Alaska’s National Parks including Denali National Park
  • Fishing in Alaska
  • Summer activities in Alaska
  • Winter activities

In addition to the fun activities and sites you can enjoy while taking a vacation in Alaska, you will also learn valuable history and travel information pertinent to the region. Find out which animals you’re likely to see while traveling and where you should go to see bears as opposed to vacationers who are eager to see the aurora borealis.

Alaska has a reputation for being wildly beautiful.

But what many people don’t know is how many wonderful luxury vacations can be accessed and enjoyed during a trip to Alaska. Alaskan waters are some of the most popular destinations for cruise liners, with both summer and winter trips available. While summer might be the best time for outdoors activities, Alaska is also world renowned for its skiing and snowshoeing, a few of the many fun activities you can experience while on a vacation.

A lot of travelers consider getting to Alaska to be a great adventure, which is why we cover the many different ways people choose to disembark on their Alaskan experience. Learn about:

  • Booking a cruise to Alaska
  • Driving the Alaskan Highway
  • Learn critical information about when roads are opened or closed due to weather and what to expect
  • Flight information to and from Alaska
  • Alaskan Railroad travel information

Get prepared for your Alaskan getaway with FrugalMonkey’s guide to Alaskan travel.

Use our Alaska travel guide to help you plan the ideal trip. The state is vast and features some of the world’s last unspoiled wilderness.

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