Ixtapa Activities

Going to Ixtapa Island, or Isla Ixtapa, is one of the most popular activities in the area. Spectacular seafood restaurants line the beaches.

Tropical birds and fish are plentiful in the region. Ixtapa Island is a great place to be for relaxation.You will want to visit Cuachalalate beach, Playa Varadero, and Playa Coral — just a few of the beaches on the island.

Located only about ten miles away from Ixtapa, this Island makes for a great day trip. There is a wildlife preserve and unlike the tourist hotspots of Ixtapa the beaches here on the island are quiet and usually not crowded. Visitors can catch a boat from Playa Linda to travel over to this island paradise. Prices are usually about ten dollars, but people should try to negotiate and see what they can find out.

Ixtapa has many great beaches, each with a diverse availability of attractions. Playa Linda is a great family beach located about ten miles from town. Renting horses is a great activity on Playa Linda, which also offers a host of other water activities for children.

Seafood restaurants line the Ixtapa beach and surfing is available at the northern point of the beach where the water meets a river.

The largest horse stable in Ixtapa is located on Playa Linda so visitors will have a great selection of animals and expertly trained guides. Young children will enjoy riding on the small ponies, and the local cowboys will perform tricks with their own mares. This beach is great for families and the children will be entertained with the many available activities. Playa Linda. $30 per horse rental, though rates vary and negotiating will usually reduce rates greatly.

The life underneath the sea is just as vibrant as that on dry land.

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