Now is the perfect time to start planning your Alaskan fishing trip. There are a lot of fish runs that take place in Alaskan waters, but none is more famous than the fall salmon run. During the fall, salmon return to their spawning grounds to reproduce representing one of the most abundant times of year […]

FrugalMonkey wants to share with you one of our favorite places in the world: Alaska! In terms of an outdoors vacation, one fully equipped with adventure and excitement, we feel that nothing beats a trip to Alaska. If you’ve ever wanted to see or learn more about this exciting state, take a look at our […]

If you’ve ever wanted to take that classic road trip, turn away from the traditional and head up north to Alaska! Alaska is an amazing vacation destination anytime of year. Whether it be for the long and dreamy summer days or to see the Alaskan wilderness at its peak during the winter months, the beauty […]

Are you a fan of the Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch? If so, then we have the vacation for you! This summer Seattle’s Edgefield Hotel is featuring it’s very own Deadliest Catch Summer package where for rates starting at $223 a person, you get a tour of the Star Crab boat lead by one of […]

According to Forrester Research, 20% of travelers search the web looking for a vacation without a destination in mind! A little tid bit we picked up while looking for travel deals for you, loyal blog fans. With that in mind we thought we’d feature some of our favorite travel destinations and a travel deal that […]

What better then to give your Dad the trip of a lifetime for Father’s Day. If you’re having trouble thinking up a gift and want to show your Dad that he is truly special, then consider this amazing Dad-appropriate travel deal currently making its way through the web. Even if you’re not sure a trip […]

This week, it’s all about travel packages so check out this great deal that will land you smack dab in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. Mt.McKinley is the tallest peak in Northern America and it resides in Denali National Park, a tourist favorite for summer travel. These two attractions are combined in this great […]

What better way to highlight some of our favorite travel destinations and travel jobs than showing first hand the type of travel information available on FrugalMonkey. Check it out! Where to Go If you’re looking for a great family, personal or romantic vacation, take a look at some of our country profiles. Our profiles include […]

Some of these simple airfare strategies will help you save money while you travel. Even though finding good airfare deals has become easier, there are some ways to narrow your search and find those even better deals. Check out FrugalMonkey’s summer strategy for cheap flights and air travel. Right now you can find incredible international […]

This week and in the upcoming weeks, colleges around the world are turning out newly graduated alumnus in addition to thousands of students who will be out of school for the summer. If you’re a college student looking forward to enjoying the summer sun or, if you’re a family looking to a take a vacation […]