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If you can’t afford an overseas getaway, don’t think you’ve got to spend another year staring at the same four walls. A local road trip is an inexpensive vacation the whole family can enjoy. Read on to discover some of America’s best road trip routes.

Explore the Wild West’s National Parks

It’ll take you around ten days to travel across Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. This journey will introduce you to the rugged beauty of the Wild West and the history of the native Navajo culture. Remember to stop to take in the natural wonders of the Grant Canyon, Monument Valley, and Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, as well as the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam.

See the Deserts on Californian Highways

If you live in California, you’ve probably seen little more than beaches and high-rise buildings. You can see your state from a different point of view once you hit the road and head for Nevada. Along the way you’ll discover the unforgiving, yet eerily beautiful landscapes of Death Valley and Sequoia National Park. If all that dryness is getting you down, keep driving to see the waterfalls of Yosemite National Park and the tranquil landscapes of Lake Tahoe.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

No stretch of road is more iconic than Route 66, a highway which stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica. This 2,448 mile highway, which is one of America’s original roads, crosses eight states so discovering it all is quite an undertaking. However, you’ll be glad if you make the effort. It’ll take around three weeks to make the journey which passes Arizona’s Petrified Forest, Cadillac Ranch, and the Grand Canyon.

Ocean Views on the Florida Keys

Water views don’t get much closer than the ones on Florida’s Overseas Highway. The 127-mile stretch of road from Miami to Key West includes 42 bridges which take you from one island to the next. Most drivers will do the trip in roughly seven days, but it’s worth allowing a few extra days for communing with the wildlife. Tourist attractions invite you to swim with the dolphins and see the birds and turtles protected by local sanctuaries.

See the Quaint Towns of New England

Ah! The freedom of the open road. Road trips are a great way to explore the U.S. on a budget.

Ah! The freedom of the open road. Road trips are a great way to explore the U.S. on a budget.

If all the open spaces of America’s highways sounds like a recipe for boredom, than a road trip around New England might be more your speed. The dense forests look especially pretty in the fall, while the wooden church spires and traditional architecture can be enjoyed all year round. Spending a night at a country inn and shopping for antiques and crafts can help break up your trip.

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