Acapulco Activities

The Coyuna Lagoon area of Acapulco is a tropical jungle with scenic views and beautiful vegetation. The wildlife and palm lined Lagoon offer amazing views where many movies were filmed, such as Tarzan.

Take a fishing tour and enjoy the scenes. Pie de La Cuesta is located where Coyuna Lagoon meets the Pacific Ocean and this beach is great for romantic getaways. It has spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

Just outside of Acapulco is where the local cliff jumpers dive into the sea. They jump from one hundred and thirty-six feet above the waves and time their dive perfectly with the currents. They have to, since in this narrow channel the water is only nine feet deep at the most, so a split second mistake will certainly cost them their lives. They pray for to the virgin Guadalupe many minutes before they embark upon this arch dive.

The Perla restaurant offers an amazing view of this attraction. It’s truly a must see for many people who visit the region, so be sure to arrive early. These fearless jumpers make this exceptional act of courage appear so graceful and easy, as if anybody could do it.

This has been a tradition for more than a century. The last show at night is when the divers jump with torches!

The best view for watching the spectacular Acapulco cliff divers is by bargaining with a local who has a boat. These are definitely the best seats in the house for this great attraction. If spectators can’t rent a boat they should try to get down to the lowest level of the platforms where they will get the best view. Here visitors will be on the same level where the divers wait to climb the peaks. They must first dive into the water from 30 feet before scaling the precarious cliff.

After watching the world famous cliff jumpers dive head first, many visitors decide to try it themselves. Well not exactly, but this is as close as most want to go to attempting the dive themselves. They will plunge from 160 feet above the ground. This will give jumpers the perspective of what the cliff jumpers feel.

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