Mazatlan, Mexico Travel Guide

Mazatlan is a picturesque resort city situated along the Pacific coast of Mexico almost parallel to the southernmost tip of the Baja, California peninsula. It is the largest port city in Mexico and has become one of the hottest vacation destinations in the country.

It is famous for the deer which reside in the region. Mazatlan has a major airport and offers ferry service across the Sea of Cortez to La Paz, the capital of Baja, California Sur. The fishing and beaches in Mazatlan are abundant and stunning. The sunsets are amazing.

Since it is the most important port city in the nation, Mazatlan has a booming economy not only from tourism but from the products which are daily exported and imported into the region. Mazatlan is also a very popular destination for cruise ships and many cruise ships visit Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan on the same trip. Unlike nearby Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan is not entirely a tourist city and has a great authentic Mexican feel to this vacation destination. The temperature is in the seventies and eighties during the daytime.

Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s oldest tourist destinations and one of the world’s three largest Carnaval celebrations takes place here annually in February. Because Mazatlan has much besides just tourism this is a wonderful place to experience the holiday and religious celebrations. There are many historic churches and museums in Mazatlan. The deer and seabirds make this exotic destination perfect for those who want to watch nature, and the beaches are perfect for surfers and those looking for miles of golden sand.

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