Rosario, Argentina

Acclaimed as Argentina’s ‘second city’ Rosario is located in the Santa Fe province of Northeast Argentina about 300km north of Buenos Aires.

With a much more modest population than Buenos Aires, Rosario is inhabited by just under a million people. Despite being a third of the size of Buenos Aires, Rosario is known for its sophistication and cultural presence. Like Buenos Aires, Rosario is located along a river, although the Rio Panana is more of a concentration point for activities where people swim and relax at nearby cafes and restaurants. The city is as architecturally stunning as Argentina’s first city and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to museums and galleries. While South American women are legendary for their looks Rosario has been rumored to house the most beautiful women in Argentina. Rosario also has a major University and there are plenty of youngsters occupying and igniting Rosario’s nightlife.

People flock to Rosario for several reasons. Besides being the official birthplace of Che Guevara, Rosario’s size, waterfront activities and culturally minded people, Rosario seems to have it all. With film festivals and weekend artisan fairs there is something for everyone in Rosario.

Staying in Rosario

Rosario isn’t as well known as a backpacker’s destination as some of Argentina’s other cities but a lot of young people in Buenos Aires have friends and family in Rosario. Thus, travelers of this sort flock to Rosario for long weekends and as a result there are plenty of accommodations for a smaller budget. Its size and sophistication are well known and it reflects in the myriad of nice hotels and accommodations for those who are willing to spend a little more.

Rosario Hotels

Rosario Hostels

La Casona de Don Jaime is well known as Rosario’s best hostel among young travelers.

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